How to Use Your 2018 New Year’s Resolution to Boost Your Productivity

Coaching, Victoria Hepburn

Happy 2018! It’s resolution season again. We have a clean slate, the year is new, and opportunities seem limitless. I always see the new year as another chance to spend time with fun and interesting people, creating great experiences, and making a positive contribution to my community and the world. Okay, maybe I’m extra upbeat because of all the holiday cheer I’ve enjoyed as 2017 came to a close. Work hard, laugh hard is one of my guiding principles after all.

My New Year’s resolutions tend to be all about saving time, adding in something that would make me happier or change a bad habit. This year, I resolve to get 7-9 hours of good sleep a night. It’s a small life upgrade that will pay a quick and noticeable benefit.

Found a great article on, that highlights several ways to increase productivity quickly in 2018. I love the point they make about the major health and productivity gains that more sleep gives us.

Your brain uses a good sleep cycle to clear out the stress, improve your mood and boost your memory. Everyone could use more of that in their life. Between work and family commitments, too much caffeine and distractions at home, there can be lots of barriers to stop you from getting solid 7-9 hours per night for most busy professionals.

To get those benefits, I have to start new bedtime routines and monitor my progress. I’ll be honest; my phone will be my biggest challenge. I like using it before bed – to catch up on the news, check my feed, check my to-do list, or solve a word scramble. Right now I plan to keep my phone out of my bedroom at night, so I won’t have the temptation to check it.

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