Career strategies that Cardi B uses, and you should too.


  • This blog post highlights ways to build up your professional visibility and credibility so you can access greater career opportunities while working remotely on virtual teams
  • You’ll learn some of music superstar Cardi B’s brilliant career strategies, which may spark new ideas for your career development plans
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Why Your Professional Success Matters to Me

In my 20-year corporate sales and engineering career, I met amazing professionals who didn’t have the careers they wanted. Mainly because they lacked access to critical career information and mentorship.

Now, as an author, speaker, and leadership collaboration strategist, I share my experiences to help talented professionals get to the next level in their careers.

It’s my mission to help hard-working, talented professionals succeed in their careers and enjoy their lives along the way. I want you to thrive so you can focus your energy on solving complex challenges. When busy professionals have a champion, you are more productive and resilient.

Resilient teams outperform the competition in productivity, innovation, and results. This resilience allows teams to be innovative and creative. It all starts with business teams learning how to create sustainable, positive connections and relationships.  I call these profitable connections because it’s a win-win for each person as you work to achieve your goals.

Profitable remote connections are critical for success in this era of business. Problems are more complex so having a connections that support success goals is critical for professionals, their families, businesses, communities and, ultimately, our planet.  

So, why am I sharing these leadership tools for confident collaboration? I’m going for the global win-win. I want more people to have the confidence to lead and collaborate, even in uncertain times or with difficult people.

Tap into the wealth of career management resources available here.

By doing this, you build the visibility and credibility that keeps you productive and marketable, especially in remote and hybrid work teams.


Public Service Announcement (PSA) for People Who Take Things Too Literally

PSA for people who see the title of this and falsely assume I’m telling professionals to copy everything Cardi does – Nope!

Stop! Please be clear my recommendations are to use her career strategies to spark new ideas for your networking, productivity boosts and career growth. Look at how she’s building profitable remote connections and think of how you can too.

Cardi B is an entrepreneur and artist with an iconic style. Don’t copy her fashion, passion, or communication styles. You will look fake and inauthentic and hurt your personal brand. Beyond that, if you work in traditional corporate workplaces, your current and potential employers would probably be confused.

You are a unique and valuable person like no other. You need to shine your light, ideas, and style on this world to create the life you want. In real life and online, it’s important to be your authentic self. And to share your unique perspective. Be that good person your friends and family love.

Success Leaves Clues, So Let’s Find Them

One of the things that I was taught to do early and often was to model the action successful people take to make their dreams a reality. I’m inspired by role models who succeed despite the odds and overcame obstacles.

It’s more fun to learn from successful people that have different skill sets. Especially people who use their talent and hard work to make an impact on history and culture.

Cardi B’s career journey is inspiring and provides innovative ways to grow your visibility and credibility beyond your current role. She grew from humble beginnings to become a superstar in the male-dominated rap music industry. She has amassed tens of millions of social media followers with her authentic and unique communication style. And she continues to access professional opportunities beyond performing her chart-topping and award-winning music.

3 Powerful Career Strategies for Networking and Personal Branding that Cardi B Uses

1) Build Credibility by Demonstrating Skills You Don’t Use In Your Current Role

Cardi B surprised millions when she interviewed US Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. She used her platform to explore issues that matter to her and her community.

She demonstrated conversational interview skills in front of a wider global audience than in her award-winning music career. It’s no surprise that she hosted the 2021 American Music Awards. There she kept everyone fully entertained with her one-of-a-kind style and fun celebrity conversations.

In your career journey, what are you doing to demonstrate skills you don’t get to use in your current role?

Show how promotable you are by raising your hand for new projects that give you a chance to show you can deliver great results in a new way. If you’re not hearing about new projects, think about problems your direct manager or other influential leaders face. Then try making prototype solutions to solve them. In my engineering career, my spreadsheet and research skills helped me offer sustainable solutions for costly problems our team faced.

People like people who solve problems. Once leaders see your skills in action, they’re more likely to pull you into new opportunities. In addition, they might consider you for promotions. Prototyping is a personal branding strategy that you should use carefully. Be sure not to overextend yourself. Don’t fall behind on your critical tasks and career goals.

2) Find Ways to Grow Personally and Professionally

In an interview, Cardi B shared that one of the core values is to remain hungry and humble.

How are you growing as a person and as a leader? What are you doing to keep yourself motivated as you work towards your goals?

Everyone needs motivation along their career path. Business team success requires leaders who are skilled at guiding the team, motivating people, and summarizing goals as they work to solve complex problems collaboratively.

To be a successful leader today, your career preparation should include strengthening your emotional intelligence skills. You must be able to learn and adapt to change quickly and create a workplace based on trust, safety, and resilience. It takes time and practice to build up emotional intelligence skills like emotional self-awareness, inspirational leadership, emotional self-control, conflict management, coaching, and mentoring.

According to the World Economic Forum and other business research institutions, these are critical leadership skills for organizations to continue to innovate and grow despite ongoing disruptions.

We’re all motivated by different things and we all need daily doses of inspiration. 

  • Create a habit to schedule moments to elevate your mood through music, movement, and fun conversations throughout your day. Yes, your playlists are a career management resource. They can help you get energized, calm down and shake things off.

  • Have you noticed all the wildly successful people who share fun vacations and family pics on social media? Making time to enjoy the hobbies, people, and experiences you enjoy is great for your mental health. Additionally, this improves your work performance, according to science.
  • It’s so important for professionals to enjoy life beyond work. I spent an entire section in my book “Pressure Makes Diamonds: Simple Habits for Busy Professionals to Break the Burnout Cycle” focusing on the importance of “Taking Time for Yourself”.

The research is clear – nurturing your personal life helps your overall wellbeing.

3) Take Advantage of Virtual Networking to Make Real Human Connections

When actor Penn Badgley shared in an interview that he admired Cardi’s authentic relationship with her fans, a new friendship was born right in our Twitter timelines.

Shortly after Cardi and Penn connected, Netflix publicly hinted that Cardi needed a guest spot on Penn’s wildly popular series “YOU”. This completely delighted fans and inspired all kinds of storyline suggestions – including a good one from Cardi.

This is a great example of how you can find real human connections and a possible job opportunity using social media. That’s right, social media can be a great way to connect and demonstrate your career readiness to potential employers or collaborators.

What are some of the ways you are building your professional reputation online?

Who can you model in your industry to strengthen your social media presence? It’s not about followers or likes. It’s about making profitable remote connections.

You never know who in your professional network or personal life is following you. Who are admiring your point of view and want to work with you. This is why it’s important to keep your professional profiles updated with your latest accomplishments, challenges, and goals.

If you don’t know what to post, start following industry leaders and share your point of view in the comments.

Remember, the Internet is forever. Keep your comments and posts professional and respectful. If you get angry, take a few deep breaths before responding, or consider not responding at all. How you deal with negative comments and conflict can boost your professional reputation when done well. 

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*Affiliate Disclosure: I may receive payments if you purchase products using the links I offer. I only offer products that I and professionals I trust have used and recommend.

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