Employee Burnout: One Myth We Can Stop Believing

We all know that burnout is real. What we don’t all agree on are the causes of employee burnout. In a recent Gallup report,  Employee Burnout: Causes and Cures 76% of employees sometimes experience burnout on the job. Worse 28% of employees say they are burned out all the time at work.

This is a tough situation for managers and employees because burned-out employees are more likely to take sick days and even visit the emergency room more often. That means days of personal misery and lost business productivity that no one wants.

It’s time for us to stop believing the myth that the only reason people experience burn out is that they are working too many hours. You can’t fix it by taking a vacation or sick day off.  Yes, the hours you work do impact your overall health.  They just aren’t the primary cause of burnout for most employees.

What can you do to lower your risk of experiencing burnout?

  1. Work less than 50 hours/week – studies show that employees with job flexibility tend to work more hours than the average employee while enjoying a higher well-being.
  2. Cultivate a work environment where your employees feel inspired, motivated, and supported in their work. They will do more work and experience less stress. Talk about a win/win
  3. Promote and Support Managers Who Demonstrate the capacity to care about people

The top factors that increase employee burnout are all related to management failing to support their team, poor communication and unfair treatment

While there’s no one solution to lowering employee burn out, it’s clear now more than ever the culture of the workplace must be redesigned to meet current employee and business needs.  Based on this information, what would you do differently in your workplace?

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