Have you been bombarded with terrible advice? How to start feeling excitement, clarity, purpose & focus again…

Reshaping Your Focus & Perspective

My new bestselling book Pressure Makes Diamonds: Simple Habits for Busy Professionals to Break the Burnout Cycle is your quick, comprehensive guide to reshaping your perspective. So you can adapt to the constantly changing business landscape and shine as the talented, multifaceted person you are.

As a successful, career-driven professional, it’s likely that along with the sense of pride that comes with your unparalleled impact in your business. You’ve also experienced stress, burnout, exhaustion. And worst of all, the nagging feeling that everything you’ve worked so hard for could fall apart at any moment.

Constant organizational changes are the new normal. Teams responsible for key results are left to figure it all out because the old rules of business don’t apply. There are endless sources of work stress and challenges out there.  Therefore, RESILIENCE is MANDATORY for values-driven professionals to effectively reduce stress and create work-life balance as they achieve their career goals.

clarity, purpose, focus

If you are not crushing your career goals and loving your life… If you are not feeling excitement, clarity, purpose, and focus…

You have to change that. You HAVE to. Long-term stress negatively affects your brain, body, and attitude. Right now, it’s like the Wild Wild West out there.

So, how can we keep our focus on career goals and life in general?

Everyone’s expected to adapt and figure out how to handle social and emotional workplace stress on their own. Resilience building skills are rarely taught by companies or schools. Yet they are critical to organizational success and employee wellbeing.

Luckily, professionals at all career stages can access the same strategies, mentorship & coaching that used to be exclusive to elite leaders and executives.


People are transforming their lives, careers, and businesses into ones they love all the time. Every day. Even in this “new normal”, we are living in.

As an author and certified business transitions coach in the New York City area, I see the problem clearly. From my observation, with all due respect, many professionals just don’t know how to manage their stress and overwhelm effectively. Consequently, they falsely think the only way out is to quit and do something else. They’re bombarded with terrible advice. The blind are leading the blind. It all must stop.

With my new bestselling book Pressure Makes Diamonds: Simple Habits for Busy Professionals to Break the Burnout Cycle, I’ve created something that’s desperately needed to help people finally figure out this work stress puzzle. Life’s miserable when you can’t figure things out. It’s a lot more fun when you have clarity, focus, seeing growth, and having fun making a positive impact on your fellow humans.

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