Take Back Your Power

When Life Seems Out of Control, Take Back Your Power

It’s been a few weeks now and I’m still adjusting to my new routines. My greatest self-care practice as a busy working mom has been fitness and yoga classes.

While staying at home, I’ve managed to keep exercise in my life but it’s completely different. Now I’m on my yoga mat with a little one climbing my tree pose and getting random dog kisses especially when I’m in downward dog.

Yes, it’s funny, adorable and frustrating. Moreover, it’s not the kind of yoga practice that I’m used to but it’s my new routine for now. I’ve surrendered to it because it’s better than my other choice – skip yoga forever.

Someday, I Will Take Back My PowerPower, Woman looking out a window

You can’t wait for “someday” to be calm or happy with your life. Someday isn’t a day on the calendar. Therefore, I can’t include it in my plans or wait for it to come around.

To lower your stress and anxiety today, you must accept what is happening and adapt. Furthermore, the easiest way to adapt is to remind yourself of your choices. It can be as simple as taking action or choosing not to do anything.

Unfortunately, we often forget that we can make choices when under stress. What have you done recently to take back your power?

Frustration is fuel that can lead to the development of an innovative and useful idea. – Marley Dias

Here are a few ideas to unlock more power in your life:

1) Take Your Life Off Auto-Pilot – Think about your daily routine. Are there things you do without thinking about them? Mix things up and try something new.

2) Rethink Your Problems – If you often find yourself saying “If only she would…” or “All they need to do is…”. Stop that! Since we can’t change other people or their actions, this kind of thinking is doomed from the start. Accept what the other person is doing, then formulate your plan of action.

3) Don’t “Should” All Over Yourself – If you find yourself saying “I should be more productive” or “I should be working on that project right now”, stop it. Guilt and shame that you aren’t doing an important task, make it tougher for you to do the task. Give yourself permission to do other things and get back to important tasks.

4) Quit Trying and Start Doing – Trying to do important work often requires more effort than doing the work. When you think or talk about your goals, it’s important to be inspired to act. Instead of saying I’m trying to start a business, say I’m starting a business. Replace “I’m trying to find a new show to binge” with “What hot new shows do you recommend?”

What can you do today to take back your power?

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