Victoria Hepburn's Signature Programs

Available as keynote, seminar, interactive workshop, lunch and learn formats.

Profitable Remote Relationships

Get new tools for positive communication and accountability conversations. Learn communication methods that build up your remote work team morale and productivity. 

BOOST Confident Collaboration

Learn data-driven strategies to build a more positive team environment that promotes productivity and well-being. Practice tools to manage emotions and team conflicts.

BOOST Team Leadership Success

Create your leadership action plan and learn strategies and techniques to motivate and engage your team members and improve productivity.

Turnaround Toxic Teams

Get strategies and create an action plan for a new leadership approach that addresses post-pandemic employees’ need for supportive, purpose-driven, and flexible workplaces.

Remote Work Secrets

Learn to lead remote teams effectively, leveraging science-based tools to remove barriers, improve team dynamics and increase business results while working from anywhere.

Pressure Makes Diamonds

Learn new ways to excel in high-pressure environments without burnout. Gain simple yet effective habits to navigate through disruptive times with composure and well-being.

Additional Speaker Services

Delivered in-person and virtual presentations

Coaching and Consulting

Align leaders with tools and techniques to improve personal wellbeing and key leadership skills in the digital era.

Customized Programs

All programs and training materials are customized to fit organization and team needs.

Host or Panel Moderator

This warm and dynamic speaker is available to host your event or moderate a panel discussion.

Event Giveaways

Books, online courses and biofeedback tools can be added to your event's in-person or virtual swag bags.

What it is like to work with Victoria

GSC SHRM Testimonial Image
“So superbly professional, fully prepared, very organized, and was really impressive. It was a dream working with Victoria from an event business perspective.”
Lisa Panarello
GSC SHRM - Society for Human Resource Management
OnDeck Testimonial Image
“She had a very positive attitude and lots of energy during the talk. I would hire Victoria in a heartbeat.”
Satya Chheda
Worthington Testimony Image
“Victoria has a wonderful presence, whether it's in front of a large audience or even our one-on-one information session.”
Christine Dykeman
Worthington Biochemical Corporation
“She was a pleasure to work with. We appreciated her candor and sharing.”
Lorraine Glorig
New York University Alumni Network
“I saw a whole group of HR professionals feeling more confident and more capable because of Victoria’s suggestions and strategies.”
Workshop Attendee
GSC-SHRM Conference
“Victoria is very friendly and open. She does not hesitate to provide honest feedback. I felt really supported and cared about.”
Verna May
Reciprocoach Mentor
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