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VH Speaker Sheet 2017

Victoria Hepburn, CPC is Victoria Hepburn is quickly becoming a leading experts on personal resilience and transformational leadership.

As a STEM professional for over 10 years, Victoria has won several Fortune 500 company awards for consistently exceeding expectations for technical sales with international teams and accelerating manufacturing team productivity.  As a motivational speaker, author, certified business coach, she partners with organizations and individuals focused on building personal and company success through real connections with diverse stakeholders.

Victoria is the author of the forthcoming book “You Can Do Better Today: Reboot Your Brain to Save Time and Earn More”, launching in early 2018.  Ms. Hepburn earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from New York University and a Bachelor of Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology through a dual degree program. She is a certified professional coach, certified Heartmath Coach/Mentor and credentialed as an Associate Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation.