These Common Workplace Myths are Blocking Your Team’s Productivity

How to Stop These Common Workplace Myths

When your employees do better in their lives, your company has a better bottom line. How can you do start to make employee well-being a core part of your business’ strategy? Create a culture of help-seeking. People need more flexibility and support than ever in these challenging times.

It’s time for leaders to stop allowing these myths to hijack employee well-being and productivity during this period of prolonged disruption.

Common Workplace Myths, help, phone call

Workplace Myth #1: Asking for help or flexibility makes you look bad.

Studies show that a worker who asks for help on a complex task is actually viewed as more competent. Asking for help feels like it exposes our vulnerabilities and imperfections when it actually can make you look good.

Workplace Myth #2: If I do ask for help, I won’t get any.

Nothing stops people from asking for help like the fear of being told “no” because others are too busy or unwilling. The data shows the opposite is actually true.

People are often willing to help when you ask. Studies show that we often underestimate just how much help we can get. Not only will they help but there’s a strong likelihood they will deliver more than you expected.

Fun Fact: Even if the person says “no”, studies show that if you keep asking you will eventually get the help you need.

Workplace Myth #3: If someone agrees to help, they won’t enjoy helping me.

This is one myth that hurts everyone because it robs the “helper” of the joy and good feelings that come from doing someone a favor. Most people focus on the “cost” of asking another for help and see it as an inconvenience.

The research is clear – the opportunity to help another person can have a mood-lifting effect and contribute to improved well-being for both people through social connection. We all can maintain and strengthen our relationships by asking for support. All because we choose to eliminate these common workplace myths.


Common Workplace Myths, help, phone call

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